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Heroine Prime: Issue 1 Index Wonder Woman by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Issue 2 Index Wonder Woman by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Issue 3 Index Supergirl by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Volume 1 Issue 4: Supergirl Index by TrekkieGal

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Heroine Prime Doctrine

DC New 52 Prohibited by TrekkieGal

Contributors-OpenVote by TrekkieGalMembership-OpenVote by TrekkieGal

We the fans of Super Heroines from the DC Universe lay down notice that we like our Heroine as they were created, and not re-invented, re-imagined, and rebooted.

The mission of this group is to restore the origins, and ideas of the creator and not reform them into a weird amalgamation of what they were. We are not interested in their lives to be serialized like a television drama, nor do we like to see their characters changed into someone foreign to every thing they stand for. Their uniforms will reflect the same love and care that their creator gave to them without the unnecessary Political correctness of modern day society.

Our heroines are true warriors, and fight for justice, and good. They are not petty, they would no sooner take a dollar for what they do as soon as take anyone's life. They are not above the law and they are Super Heroines, not dolls in spandex. This group is for these fans. Fans of the true DC Heroines with out the dark bight of being written off or a sexual display in the comics. If you are truly a fan, I invite you to join, mind you we are not a fan-fiction group, we are a fan archival group.

We want the fan to remember the origins of these characters and not skew what made them the icons they were. So, to be called sexist to have Powergirls original uniform, yet the fact is it was her uniform for 30 something years. Changing it now would amount to a double standard like putting pants and Jacket on Wonder Woman (which noted also came to an end).

This group is 100% about the Heroine, but Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc may appear as well. We cover the Golden Age, Silver, and Bronze age as well. Post Crisis characters are welcomed under the same doctrine of keeping their original creators intent.

As for the Oracle, I will accept her as well as the Killing Joke was probably the most historic stories told. Sad fact that DC found away to even eliminate such a unique and interesting character, is yet another reason we made this group.


:bulletred: All art submissions must be of DC Super Heroines.
:bulletred: All art submissions must have heroines in the classic uniforms (No New 52, Body Armored interpretations please)
:bulletred: Submissions must be placed in the proper folder. Submissions not placed in proper folder may be rejected without comment.
:bulletred: Nudity is acceptable as of devART TOS and some personal notes.
- Artistic pinups in proper folder
- Battle damage nudity with some relavence
- NO SEXUAL INTERACTION REFERENCE. Any submitted will be rejected
- No futanari, or fetish type nudity
:bulletred: No Chibi, Anime, or characiture art.
:bulletred: No incomplete sketches, badly drawn or WIP submissions.
:bulletred: No fan fiction revision submissions (uniforms, elseworld, alternate reality)
:bulletred: All literature must keep the faith and vision of the creator. No overblown BDSM Bondage fest with Wonder Woman. If that's all you have to offer then this group is not for you.
* I state this with the understanding we want to see our Heroines in Action not some twisted 1940's comic revisted....KEEP IT REAL!


Pretty basically we have two memberships. Your either a writer on an artist. Now if you are both, you have your choice as which is your stronger suit.

Being a Heroine Prime writer is a third option. The First Issue has been handed out to Wonder Woman, which that writer has their responsibility to. All Heroine Prime Literature must be approved by the Founder or C0-Founder as for the story, Characters, and content of the story. Once approved that writer/artist will have permission to post in the Heroine Prime Folders for literature.

Stories will scrutinize for obsessive violence, language, and behavior and or actions that do not befit said heroine. Lets try to keep this writing better then what they put out now, a fade to back does more wonders then descriptive violence, blood letting, and gore.

Am I asking the impossible? Not at all as the mission statement says, I just want the Heroines we truly know and love.

As for Artist, to start the Folders are few, but pretty telling. Understand this is not a showcase for Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. So don't be surprised when your rejected. But on the off chance that this is not to be I made a Villain Prime Folder so we will HAVE NO MISTAKES.

I was going to create a folder for every heroine but this is a long way from a super group, and that's a lot of Folders to make.

Featured - or Founder and Co Founder Only

Heroine Prime Issue Cover - For Writers and Artist on the HP story
Heroine Prime Literature - For Heroine Prime Writers only.
Villain Prime Art - Open to members no nudity or sexual related imagery
Prime Bordello - Open to members all nudity and sexual imagery (all I say).
Prime Cosplay - Open to members no nudity or sexual related imagery
Heroine Animated - Open to all members no nudity or sexual related imagery


Black Canary
Donna Troy
Wonder Woman

New folder will open as needed.
I am really appreciative of the input of late, and glad to see so many fans of DC heroine.  The Bad news is I think we are losing sight of this group.  In March I will be removing at least 80 images from the group.  Why?

1). The are Nu 52
2). They are Marvel or Not of DC origin and totally in the wrong Folder.
3). In a word WTF are you voting Yes for?

The rules to the group are posted, and I don't believe we need to go over them again.  The shocker is this group is Pre New 52, yet the persistence of New 52 continues, so then why even have the group,  If you believe this is wrong...then leave, if not then stay.  In the end, a friend did me a favor to create this group.  In the end he WILL get rid of it.  Is this unfaur?  No, this was his choice, and my idea.  It freedom of choice to create a group in a specific Genre, if that is too much to ask for, tell us now and we will give up on the idea and go about our business with no hard feelings.

Thank you.
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